The Retail Hive

Closed-door, open minds.

Once upon a time The Retail Hive was a network of retail leaders who met up a few times a year in interesting locations to have fun together networking and sharing experiences and ideas.

Then along came CV19 making it impossible to meet in person. But also teaching us the value of being part of a community; part of a network of people who give each other solidarity, support, guidance, information and empathy.

Driven by need, The Retail Hive rapidly evolved from a network into a true community – actively networking and communicating daily across various digital channels. Our members collaborate and share tips on solutions and solution-providers. They benchmark with one another as they redesign their roadmaps. They soundboard ideas and plans. They ask questions of the collective as they make strategic and investment decisions.

The Hive is an invaluable platform for sharing ideas and gaining insights amongst like-minded professionals”
MD, Gentle Monster

"A refreshing way of connecting with peers to share and offer up solutions in a truly collaborative way" Commercial & Brand Director, Farfetch

Hive Spotlight: Director Business Strategy, Macy’s

How does The Retail Hive help you?

The Retail Hive is so unique in the fact that it takes so much consideration into making it the best possible experience for every person and it makes it so much easier to the people you want to meet, to talk about what you want to talk about, and makes it a constantly evolving discussion that’s relevant for whatever you’re doing. The Hive does an unbelievably successful job and commits for the optimal mix of different viewpoints so that everyone can learn something new and everyone has something to say that it is the most authentic retail community I have been a part of.

Have you forged long lasting connections as a result of The Retail Hive?

The Hive is second to none for that and I myself have made tons of connections through The Retail Hive. It’s an amazing place to crowd source new and innovative ideas to push your business forward, and I always leave invigorated and inspired by the other amazing retail leaders I have met.

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