The Hive Network builds communities to share ideas and experience tapping into The Hive Mind. All of what we do draws on the principles of collective intelligence – unlocking knowledge from across a range of organisations to drive innovation throughout an industry.

Put simply, being part of The Hive Network will help you think differently about your business to make smarter, faster decisions. Learn more about our industry specific Hives –  The Finance Hive and The Retail Hive.

When Noj met Sally…

“Right from the start, Sally and I have shared a passion for excellence, for innovation and for authenticity. Even back in 2007 we shared a vision of what business networking could become…” – Noj Mather

“In 2015 we made the leap, quit our secure and well paid jobs, and set out to make that vision a reality. Together.” – Sally Green

And The Hive Network was born. Read our story


Be inquisitive. Be high energy. Be respectful. Be successful. We are The Hive and these are our core values – our promise to our members and partners globally.