Past Event: The Retail Hive: Digital Luxury

2 May, 2019

Creating Amazing Digital Customer Experiences for Luxury Customers

The Hive Network is pleased to announce the launch of the Retail Hive: Digital Luxury in London!

The definition of retail luxury is changing. Thanks to a new generation of affluent consumers – Millennials – the quiet, unique, sophisticated and socially pedigreed extravagance traditionally associated with luxury brands is increasingly giving way to a need for followership, standardisation and mass-commoditisation in today’s connected society.

Luxury brands across the globe are being forced to reshape their identity. From French brands sacrificing the first names of their creators in aid of global trivialisation; to the transformation of luxury brand logos: the once luxurious and decorative designs, now giving way to bold, clean images with balanced proportions and neutral fonts in order to better translate across the diverse media on which luxury brands today must live.

Regardless of the changes and transformation of the luxury ecosystem; the fundamental expectation from the luxury consumer remains the same: they expect an uber personalised customer journey irrespective of the channels they use to engage with brands; from search and discovery (which might take place online, probably via mobile), through testing and trying out products physically – whether at a store boutique, showroom, or in the comfort of their own home, and finished with effortless, white-glove delivery. Getting this right is what is at the core of all luxury retailer’s strategies in 2019 and beyond.

Tailored for Heads of eCommerce & Omnichannel; Digital, Marketing and Experience Directors.

Closed door, open minds… The Chatham House Rule applies.

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