Where we stand on Zoom

In recent weeks some journalists and researchers have been drawing attention to the Zoom platform, for a number of potential privacy and security concerns.

We here at The Hive Network have been impressed with Zoom CEO Eric Yuan’s response and have taken advantage of all the software updates and advice that have been provided.

In addition we are taking additional precautions to maximise the security of the platform for our member meetings. These include:
  • Every meeting has a randomly generated meeting ID
  • Meeting IDs are only sent to individuals with whom we have spoken and have personally invited to attend the meeting. Meeting IDs are never put in the public domain
  • We use “Waiting Room” so we can see who is attempting to join the meeting before giving them access. If they have not been invited they are removed from the meeting room
  • Various features are disabled for all participants except for the Hive hosts (Ability to join before host; screen share ; file transfer; annotation and autosave features)
  • Once all participants are in the meeting we lock the meeting to all newcomers
  • Screen shots will not include participant names, phone numbers or meeting ID

– The Hive Network