The Finance Hive: FX Hedgepool P2P Boston Session Takeaways

Peer-to-Peer Trading for FX Swaps

  • Peer to peer will continue to grow
  • It’s so great to see that P2P trading is taking of in FX swaps
  • P2P is here to stay
  • P2P not toxic for swaps. Integration into OMS/EMS is key
  • P2P can be a great solution for both passive and active strategies
  • P2P trading is a potential solution for certain rolls + swaps
  • Not all trades are created equally. Some trades require more attention to achieve quality execution
  • Importance of credit diversification
  • Deeper understanding needed of what one needs to ensure best execution
  • It will be interesting to see how the P2P space develops and grows
  • Importance of workflow efficiency
  • FX Hedgepool aims to bring certainty to low touch trades
  • Need to prove benefit through TCA or otherwise
  • Need workflow solution + automation + flexibility
  • TCA doesn’t capture all the variables over period of execution