The Retail Hive Playbook:

Delve into the key takeaways from RetailJam…

Last year we brought our members together at RetailJam (formerly RetailFest UK 2023) to discuss how they can make sustainable changes within their businesses to positively impact the industry.

Take a look through The Retail Hive’s Sustainability Playbook for insights into how you can overcome the key challenges in getting started and where you can find the support you need to launch with a bang.

Want to know more? Here’s the full breakdown of content:

  1. Introduction: An optimistic outlook for sustainable change
  2. Finger on the pulse: Pressures, goals and investment priorities
  3. Balance your sustainability goals with your comms to maximise the impact of your projects: A conversation with BAM Bamboo Clothing, Homethings and DHL
  4. Step by step: Interflora’s key sustainability initiatives
  5. Case study: Form Nutrition’s journey to B Corp certification
  6. Case study: Lucky Saint’s new-found sustainable focus after gaining B Corp certification
  7. How Abel & Cole became a triple bottom line business
  8. Impact of the supply chain: Abel & Cole’s guide to working with partners

An optimistic outlook for sustainable change:

Getting retail sustainability right is a tough job. On the one hand, you have to drive commitment from internal stakeholders, who are balancing price demands with soaring costs, under pressure to invest in new tech and facing a ton of short-term challenges.

On the other hand, you have customers who demand change, but often not when it affects cost or quality, and who lack metrics or a frame of reference to tell the meaningful change from the greenwashing.
And that’s before you’ve even decided on your priorities, set out targets or identified the partners who can help you on your journey!

Despite all this, the mood at RetailJam was upbeat. There are trailblazers out there beating a path to sustainability which will make it easier for everyone to follow. Key demographics are beginning to move sustainability into their top three buying criteria, and most importantly, once you make the decision to improve, there’s a supportive and engaged community of peers out there to help you on your way.

Interested in reading the playbook?

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