The Retail Hive Playbook:
CX and Innovation

Delve into the key takeaways from RetailJam…

The retail world is alight with tech opportunities at the moment. We’ve never had more insights into our customers or better software to help us understand the data we collect. AI will revolutionise the way we collect and analyse data, and we’re already seeing more and more new solutions coming to market.

But at the core of it, our values need to remain the same. An obsession with our customers and what they want, and finding ways to deliver that is still vital. And it’s easy to be distracted from the real problems by shiny new solutions or hype cycles which don’t actually move the dial on the big stuff. And of course, we’re always working to find the most effective ways to deploy budgets which never seem big enough for the task in hand.

We’ve pulled together some of the most critical insights from across RetailJam (formerly RetailFest UK 2023) to help provide you with waymarkers as you navigate your path to customer and tech success.

Take a look at what’s worked for your peers and learn from their mistakes…

Want to know more? Here’s the full breakdown of content:

  1. Introduction: Keeping the customer front of mind
  2. Finger on the pulse: 2024 focuses and investment in innovation
  3. The science and art of customer experience with Seasalt Cornwall
  4. Step by step: Crew Clothing’s approach to enhancing post-purchase CX
  5. Case study: The snakes and ladders John Lewis are facing with their tech strategy
  6. Finger on the pulse: Obstacles to innovation and transformation
  7. How transparency is building trust: Tips from The Coop
  8. Finger on the pulse: Investment levels for digital transformation

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