Customer Experience: the new battleground in Retail

Today, any smart device or social network is your secret sales channel.

So, in a world where anything can be a shop, and a shop can be anything, how do you evolve to serve today’s shoppers?

The first step is recognising the need to evolve; it sounds simple but we all know the end result of those retailers who did not – BHS, Carpet Right, Toys R Us and so on.

The second is changing your customer experience; do you know what your customers want next? What type of technology do you embrace first? Can it be integrated with your legacy systems?

As the balance of power in the retailer-customer relationship shifts, understanding your customer’s behaviour is the key to your survival.

We’re delighted to share with you a report from Adyen, one of our trusted partners, which features insight from over 5k shoppers and 500 retailers across Europe.

This study has identified a new category of shoppers, ‘Spendsetters’ who are strong users of technology, have the highest demands for digital shopping experiences and a leading indicator of where broader customer demands in retail are headed.

To download Adyen’s European study, Experience: The New Battleground in Retail click here.

The report details what retailers can learn from ‘Spendsetters’ and how many retailers are still failing to grasp their customers’ specific needs, such as a lack of one-click checkouts or failure to offer contactless payments, thereby leaving gaps between consumer demand and the actual experience.

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