“The experiences, engagement and energy [of the Retail Hive] was incredible” says Tim Ceci, VP of Retail Stores and Operations Management, CÉLINE and Chairperson of the Retail Hive’s first meeting in New York.

Tim opened the meeting by talking about the one thing he believes is the key to delivering a five star customer experience – culture.

In Tim’s opinion, only retailers who nurture a culture of collaboration, invest in staff training and display strong leadership, can truly achieve a world class experience that exceeds customers’ expectation; moreover it is vital this culture is not restricted to Head Office, it needs to live and breathe throughout the business from the DC to the store.

The day continued with our Retail Hive members taking part in four round table discussions on specific topics including Delivery Innovation, Driving Loyalty and The Future of the Store before ending with summaries complete with well-earned refreshments!

A huge thanks to all our Retail Hive members and partners for being part of a incredible experience, we look forward to seeing you all in 2019 and here is the day in pictures:

Retail Hive: New York 2018

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