The rise of “mobile first” companies has changed the way people watch, listen, play, and buy. Companies like Uber, Instagram, Tinder, and HotelTonight – companies born in a mobile era – disrupted business models and dominated the mobile experience.

However, the halcyon days of app discovery is ending, driven by app store saturation and the accompanying cost barrier associated with convincing audiences to download more apps. Not all is lost as Simon Bapist, Director at Tune explains;  a new opportunity to capture attention, streamline engagement, and build life-long brand loyalty exists and it’s all about doing whatever is best for your customer. As what’s best for your customer has to be what’s best for your brand.

That’s the essence behind a new concept – MobileBest – the ability to engage with customers in the most impactful way, be it on the web, mobile web, in-app or on  other emerging channels.   There are three key challenges TUNE helps brands resolve to ensure they are MobileBest ; no guesses what these are – ASO, acquistion and retention.  So read on and discover how you can be MobileBest.