International Leaders Series

Blueprint for China

Over the past few years, the retail market in the UK has become increasingly challenging. However, some retailers are still managing to grow – by expanding overseas. But overseas expansion is no easy feat. Successful internationalisation has become a key objective for UK retailers, and with more and more heading overseas, there are a plethora of lessons – including both failures and success stories – to be learned and shared by all.

This report lays out the findings on how international trading directors are navigating new markets, and the practical steps that need to be taken to achieve successful growth and brand awareness.

The report series was compiled with input from 80 directors of international trade from some of the biggest and most influential brands in the UK, at our annual Retail Hive: Growth in International Markets meeting.

Chapter 2: A Blueprint for China

Chapter 2 of our International Leaders series delivers advice on tackling one of the world’s most complex markets – China. The report provides guidance from our members on key considerations before entering, recommendations for success, and commentary from the former CEO of FeelUnique.

Be aware of the potential to get squeezed on margin over time as Tmall and other third parties push for discounts

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