Flexible Robotics

As part of The Retail Hive digital boardroom series, we invited DHL Supply Chain to host an interactive discussion with a closed group of retailers.

Thanks to the global pandemic accelerating development plans, the group were focused on how automation fits in with the “new normal” and how this would affect future requirements for warehouse space, in order to meet increasing consumer demand. Many of the group shared how they have old and tired warehouse facilities which they are keen to upgrade in order to deliver better efficiencies whilst adhering to social distancing measures.

Topics of discussion included the balance between people and robotics in the warehouse, packing stations and when to automate them, and solutions for automating container loading and palletizing.

Participants joined from both large and small brands with varied SKUs, yet all with a shared interest. This report summarises the discussion and advice from the group.

I love all the hacks that we’ve discussed, like 3D printing and customised pickers. That’s absolutely fantastic. I think this is what we need to do; everyone should focus on what they can improve, implement the solution themselves, and then collaborate to shape the outcomes.”

To read more, download the report to view the full findings.

Thanks to our recommended partner for moderating the discussion:

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