‘Tis the season for holiday returns. With insight  from our partners at Adyen, discover how to easily reconcile returns while avoiding retail return fraud.

We can’t get it right every time. Holiday shopping is fraught, usually rushed and often frustrating. So it’s not surprising that, come January, shoppers flock to stores and post offices to return gifts that didn’t make the grade.

Customer returns have also been heightened by the rising trend of pre-Christmas sales. This is particularly so in the U.K. where brands slashed prices in an attempt to maintain spending momentum in December.

But Adyen’s data shows that customer returns aren’t just for Christmas; the first is in January, where return rates more than double. The second is in summer, a direct result of summer sales.

So, you’re probably in the midst of your peak return season. Read on to learn how you can easily reconcile your returns, avoid retail return fraud, and even close more sales.