As the cost of customer acquisition skyrockets, a seamless returns experience is a very real opportunity to retain loyal customers and increase sales. In a recent study by Doddle with over 1200 consumers in the US, returns have become as important as payment and delivery in the eCommerce shopping experience.
Free delivery has long become the norm and there is a growing expectation, by consumers, for returns to follow this trend. Providing a seamless (and cheap) returns process to customers across multiple platforms has become the expectation. However, while budgets for customer acquisition are growing, proving ROI from returns has not been prioritised and few retailers have invested heavily in this area. Working across both the front and back ends of the business to align customer experience and make effective use of captured data can reduce the number of returns, increase conversions and improve customer loyalty.
This digital boardroom saw a panel of leading retailers discuss the value of a frictionless returns experience, the infrastructure needed to support it and the results which can be gained from integrating returns into the customer experience.