Removing Friction from the Shopper Journey

With so many potential distractions and other options for online shoppers, it’s never been so important to provide your customers with a frictionless customer journey… From suggested products to ease of checkout and the correct payment options, there are so many different avenues that feed into a seamless customer journey.

At our recent Residential Exchange, we hosted a roundtable on this with members who had expressed an interest in brainstorming ideas, and sharing their successes and challenges when trying to remove any hurdles from the customer journey, essentially keeping their customers engaged and buying from them. You can see the key takeaways from the session below, as well as a scribe created on the day outlining the main points of discussion.

Key Takeaways

  • If you can hit customers with a ‘one click buy’ checkout option at the moment they encounter the brand, it would be ideal
  • An amazing user experience can be massively ruined by a clunky checkout and turn customers away, they want to just click and buy
  • International and translations – mix of machine translations and human tuneups seems best for efficiency and accuracy
  • A better online experience will future-proof you
  • Not a matter of just transacting, but need to make the last transaction point as seamless as possible
  • Losing the physical in 2020 was tough and the checkout causes the most friction online
  • Brexit also caused a big price point stop. How can we overcome this at checkout?
  • Friction is different for every business, and is difficult to measure
  • Payment options and data capture are key
  • Meet the customer where and how they want to be met. Speed = convenience
  • Experience/reduction in payment methods – building a network is important
  • Live chat & video are great for removing friction and helping the customer
  • Have to learn how to streamline the checkout experience to empower the consumer
  • Some customers have decided before they even visit your site; allow them to transact easily
  • Hard to gauge how the customer is impacted by different friction points
  • Different businesses have different frictions; you should know customer expectations
  • Consider customer friction vs. commercial friction
  • Internal friction and external friction is just as important to the customer
  • If you’ve got your checkout right, you’ve sorted your main friction
  • Friction is relative. Find the right moment that matters most to the consumer
  • Smarter, faster, swifter, frictionless checkout = guaranteed uptake in conversion
  • Be where your customer wants to shop, and it’s not necessarily your website
  • How can we decide if behaviour is good or bad?