Using content and storytelling to drive engagement at scale

At our Digital Luxury meeting last month, the power of telling a compelling story through content was a key theme amongst the 60+ leaders in attendance.

Many of the digital and marketing leaders in the room – representing brands from Balenciaga through to Georgio Armani and De Beers – agreed obtaining budget isn’t usually an issue, in fact the brand marketing budget often far outweighs that for performance marketing. But how best to utilise that budget to create content that drives engagement at scale?

A summary of the discussions:

Control of content is important, but too much control can limit innovation. So, how can you give freedom to people across the
business to create localised content within the confines of your brand values and provide a consistent brand experience?

  • Challenge of consistency – localised, personalised content is important for engagement but challenging for businesses
    stretched for resources. Looking for ways to create consistent content across regions
  • Measurement – everyone agrees that engaging content is a good thing, creating an ability to speak to customers in a meaningful way which increases both engagement and revenue. However, we’re still on the lookout for silver bullet to allow you to attribute revenue from sales to content

The key takeaways:

  • Understand your audience – understand your brand:
  • Be bespoke; create genuine content
  • Use the voice of your customers to determine the relevancy of your content
  • Loyalty for clients is challenging
  • Content: be more spontaneous and riskier and relevant to the moment
  • Measuring content results is challenging – it is impossible to
    measure impact of context in its entirety
  • It is important to align your millage globally and regionally
  • Change perception of brand every 10 years
  • The right content in the wrong channel is a waste
  • Luxury brands in a battle of not being able to expose themselves
    when operating content – keep it simple
  • Inconsistency across channels is extremely frustrating
  • Ensure the content you post is relevant for your audience and on the channels where they spend their time!
  • Importance of avoiding silos in the company to align communication from merchandising to procurement
  • Scale is limited by technology
  • Social media and digital landscape have fundamentally changed the balance between quality and quantity of content
  • Content is an imperative opportunity to tell your brand story
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