“Consumers are talking. Are you going to listen or talk back to them?”

Conversations have always been an essential part of the retail experience. As we move to digital, how do we keep this conversation alive and deliver the personal experience that our customers are used to having in store?

Digital has opened up so many paths to purchase that opportunities to engage with our customers are greater than ever. It’s transformed conversational marketing from a single thread – such as a direct message, a phone call or an in-store experience – into a two-way, real time interaction across a multitude of platforms.

Yet every opportunity has its challenges: when it comes to conversational marketing, those challenges aren’t just in delivering but in aligning that delivery with your customer expectations. Where are your customers online? How do they want to engage with your brand?

The way that brands are currently managing this engagement varies: according to iAdvize’s new report on Conversational Marketing, only 50% of retailers believe they offer the same level of customer experience online as they do in store. It suggests that there is a long way to go until digital conversational marketing is fully realised across the industry, but that important steps are being taken to implement it.

In this white paper, iAdvize look at the here and now of conversational marketing, as well as looking at trends and predictions for the near future and the practical implications of managing these conversations online.

In this paper, you’ll find insight into:

  • The value of chatting to the right person
  • Delivering conversational marketing
  • The architecture for success
  • Case studies

Read the full report here.

We’ll be discussing the ways that brands can innovate to improve their conversational marketing at our Collaboration for Innovation event, taking place in London on 25th September. To find out more, register your interest here.