On September 12, we hosted our first Retail Hive Live in New York. With over 60 senior retailers from some of the biggest brands across the US in attendance, the meeting was a huge success.

Roundtable discussions centred around innovative ways to create a cohesive and personalized experience across all channels; from ascertaining “what customers want” to deciding optimal avenues through which to deliver a seamless customer journey.

Delivering exceptional customer experience (CX) revolves around a brand’s ability to balance organizational culture and team. With this in mind, our meeting chairman stressed the importance of investing to support internal development and understanding the critical elements of your brand/organization.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the key takeaways from Retail Hive members, all of which are explored in depth within our post-meeting report available to download here.

  1. Listen to what your customers want!
  2. Customers expect the same customer service both online and in-store
  3. We are all challenged with collating customer data from multiple resources
  4. Apps are a core channel as long as you are willing to invest in their purpose
  5. The key to customer lifetime value is the marriage of personalization and service
  6. Keeping up with Amazon: one box does not fit all!

We’d like to offer thanks to our hugely valuable Partners; Aramex Global Solutions, First Retail, Pitney Bowes and SoftServe for their insights and candid contributions on the day. And of course to all of our Retail Hive members who joined us.

Here’s what a few of our US members had to say about their first Hive experience;

“Great private but open event for retailers and brands sharing REAL insight and REAL solutions. The meeting was fantastic – don’t miss it!” Denise Fender, Fitflop

“A friendly and well organised team who put on a considered and thought out event. The round table topics provided a strong theme of discussions!” Alistair Marshall, Hugo Boss

“The Hive creates an incubated but open atmosphere for senior retailers to dialogue on current challenges, future innovation and share wins” Erika Vazquez, L’Oreal

“The Hive has created a group of professionals who are passionate about sharing ideas and working through and creating disruption” Ruchika Kandcharis, Saks Fifth Avenue

“The Hive is not networking. It’s building the future of collaboration – a place to express and walk away enriched” Damian Otwinowski, Watches of Switzerland

Photos from the day can be viewed and downloaded from our Photo Gallery.