Delivering High Touch Customer Experiences

Thanks to the global pandemic, the need to create a seamless customer journey across channels has accelerated across the retail industry. Additionally, as lockdowns relax, retailers are under immense pressure to provide a safe and secure store environment for shoppers to return to. This is especially prevalent in the luxury retail space.

In order to support our members along the way, we invited our recommended partner Tulip to host a closed group of retailers with a shared vision built around empowering store associates to create the next level of experience, whether shopping in store or online, through clienteling techniques.

During the discussion, the group shared ideas of how to enhance the customer journey, and tackled questions such as: what does the VIP customer journey look like and what successes can retailers expect from implementing clienteling techniques? They also explored some of the new technologies that are emerging to help get customers back in store and engaged with brands.

This report summarises the discussion and advice from the group.

When a new piece of tech is launched, everyone can get really excited about it but over time if the communication is not continued, they can quickly get bored and stop using it to its best ability or try to revert back to old methods. The key is to keep talking about it so that training never stops.”

To read more, download the report to view the full findings.

Thanks to our recommended partner for moderating the discussion:

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