The Hive Exchange Series

Creating High Value Touch Points Throughout the Customer Journey

At the beginning of March we said a temporary goodbye to our physical meetings in style. Hosted in the beautiful Luton Hoo, we brought together 80 retail leaders to share insight and encourage collaboration.

This report series outlines the constant state of change that the retail industry is in, and the challenges and solutions that our members are facing. It will cover the sixteen topics deliberated by the group, commissioned into separate chapters and organised in three streams:

  • Using Customer Data
  • Content & Communications
  • Strategy & Technology

Creating High Value Touch Points Throughout a Customer Journey

Chapter 3 looks at the debate over chat bots: a useful tool to assist customers faster and more effectively, or an obnoxious gatekeeper which infuriates customers by standing between them and the human being that they so desperately need to speak to?

Spotlight on Scribbler:

You must be careful. While AI-powered customer intelligence has its perks, a brand’s style of communication must not be lost nor appear too robotic. This is where entering the realm of being ‘too automated’ is a real challenge.”

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