Retail Hive Pulse:
Customer Data Strategy

Benchmarking Processes and Platforms

We’ve put together a brand new report, mapping the way retailers use data and the technology that underpins that. Based on surveys with our Retail Hive Community and in-depth interviews with leading CRM and data professionals from a cross-section of retailers. A few highlights:

  • 56% of retailers are struggling with data quality and accuracy 
  • 20% of retailers have no customer data strategy at all? 
  • Most retailers just want a single customer view

Download the Customer Data Strategy pulse report now to learn: 

  • How many of your peers already have a fully functional customer data strategy in place (or how close they are if not) 
  • Why you could already be sitting on a data goldmine 
  • Who’s implemented a CDP and what you can learn from their implementation challenges 
  • How to get your data working to build loyalty across your customer base 
  • What your peers expect to get out of their CDP