China: Building Long Term Value: Digital Boardroom Report

China is on the radar of many a retailer. And with a combined population of 55.5 million in Tier 1 cities alone, it’s no wonder that retailers are keen to take a slice of that Mooncake for themselves. But it is not an easy journey.

During this Retail Hive digital boardroom, a group of Retail Hive members with a shared goal spoke with the founder & CEO of Hot Pot China to find out more about how to achieve success in the World’s fourth largest country. The discussion cycled through ambitions and frustrations, to which channels to choose and how to build brand awareness; finishing up with how to tie it all together to achieve that so desperately sought-after omnichannel customer experience.

This short report summarises the key findings from the group’s discussion, along with closing advice from Jonathan Smith.

To read more, download the report to view the full findings.

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