2019, wrapped.

2019 has been a very busy year at The Retail Hive. We’re excited to have expanded our communities in the US, UK and the Nordics, as well as launching in Germany and Amsterdam. There are a few themes that have cropped up all over the globe which we wanted to share. Our 2019 wrap up summarises key insights, with commentary from our members.

  • What’s in store for the future?
  • It’s time to get close and personal to your customer
  • It’s not all about Amazon
  • Achieving global scale:
    Taking a strategic approach to localisation
  • The sustainability movement
  • The future is liquid


Each retailer’s online and offline offerings will be different but think about the customer’s actual needs and intent before adopting technology. Think experience rather than solutions.”

Joy Fan, Experiential Store Expert provides her tips to be ‘phygitally’ successful


The key to our success was to invest and divest.”

Joel Palix, Former CEO of FeelUnique on their globalisation journey

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