The Retail Hive: Digital D2C for Brands, 19th January 2022

Location: Amsterdam

Brand Power

Following a transformative year in customer behaviours and expectations, the need to provide a unique, memorable journey to brand-shoppers has been brought to the fore. The online world has become more accessible and more convenient than ever before, and consumers are faced with incredible choice. How can you continue to differentiate the experience of shopping direct?

In this digital age where data is king and value creation is key, it has never been more important for brands to own the relationship with their customers, open a direct line of dialogue and control the brand narrative. Are you engaging your customers in an emotive journey with your brand?

Brands must grapple with the unique challenges of direct-to-consumer operations, from managing multiple channels to enhancing partnerships, all whilst delivering an exceptional experience for consumers. What are the best strategies to unlock the potential of your brand for increased loyalty and engagement?   

Your peer group is your secret source – closed doors, open minds, Chatham House Rule applies.

Interactive discussion individually tailored for:
Digital and eCommerce Directors, Heads of D2C, Product, Experience, Marketplaces, and Customer Loyalty

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    Topics of discussion will include:

    Data-Driven Customer Journeys

    • Creating personalised experiences 
    • Communicating authentically through all channels
    • Gaining a single view of customer data 

    Delivery and fulfilment 

    • Planning for scale and efficiency 
    • Delivering a unique customer experience in order fulfilment 
    • New models of delivery

    New Models

    • Subscriptions, rentals & other alternatives
    • Maximising your penetration and reach in global markets

    Strategy and Planning

    • Balancing D2C with other channels
    • Adopting a culture that supports transformation
    • Reducing friction from encounter to checkout 
    • Effective ways of driving customer acquisition