The Retail Hive Digital Week: Harnessing Data & CX to Influence Customers, 9-11th June 2020

Location: Your desk, sofa, wherever you choose!

As eCommerce sales volumes reach unprecedented peaks while the world gets to grips with life in a time of social distancing, all retailers want to be the brand their customers cannot live without. But customer expectations are a moving target and it is tough to be on top of every trend, every preference and every channel that customers are prioritising.

There is a lot to talk about! And since we can’t meet in person we are taking our retail community online in true Hive fashion. Over the course of three days, in bite-sized and curated pieces, you will participate in Digital Roundtable discussions, curated 1-1 “meetings” with peers, on-demand stories from some of members, and on-tap help from the partners making it all work for you.

“I attended a fantastic and super valuable virtual meeting this week conducted by The Retail Hive. So seamless too. Practically felt like I was having small group discussions in person.

SVP of Marketing & Creative, Creed, following a Digital Week for our US members

Your Peer Group Is Your Secret Source – Closed doors, Open minds, Chatham House Rule applies.

Tailored exclusively for:
CMO’s, Digital Directors, Heads of Marketing, Head of Digital Marketing, Heads of eCommerce and Omnichannel.




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