Our vision is simple, to connect  and provide real value for our members

We bring our global communities together in open and collaborative environments, whether that be at our invite-only meetings, digital boardrooms or facilitated introductions.

The Hive Network was founded by Sally Green and Noj Mather in 2016. Having both worked in the corporate events industry,

The ying to each other’s yang…three years later and the rest is history.

“It is wonderful to see leaders come together to benchmark and share their successes and experiences with each other including the highs and the lows. Being open & honest; challenging & engaging; and having fun and able to enjoy each other’s company in a relaxed environment allows for a wonderful learning experience as well as promoting collaboration & community. The power of a network extends beyond more than just an event and The Hive Network members exemplify this every time they meet”

Sally & Noj

Everything we do as a company and a team, is underpinned by our core values: