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More and more, Finance Hive members are telling us data is being used to drive trading and business decisions in FX. As a result, having access to both the right data (and the right tools to make use of it!) is increasingly important. From algo trading and monitoring best execution protocols to building liquidity pools and managing risk, data is being used to inform our members’ perspectives on many of the key issues in the FX industry today.

To help overcome some of these issues and better understand how data is being used to drive innovation in FX trading activity, The Finance Hive and our recommended partner 360T hosted a Digital Boardroom for a select group of head traders and technologists to brainstorm, benchmark and
share experiences.

The conversation focused on three main themes:

  • The big questions of what data is available and how you should use it
  • The ways that people are analysing data to generate insights
  • How you can use the data and the analysis to change behaviour and inform a data-driven best execution framework

Understanding information leakage and being able to monitor how much you are giving away is a prime concern for firms that are trying to be more passive.

To read more, download the report to view the full findings.

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