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Your customer, our insights

Finding the right leads, with the right needs at the right time and with the right budget and authority to move forward with your solution takes time and a lot of effort. 

The accelerating pace of change in the retail landscape, driven by factors like AI, the cost of living crisis, and evolving customer expectations, presents both challenges and opportunities for retailers. Budgets are tightening and decision-making processes are becoming more complex, so for innovators offering solutions to retailers the need to connect with prospects at the right point in their buying cycle is crucial.

In the fast moving retail sector, The Retail Hive is here to guide you towards the future led by unique industry insights. Our commitment to excellence is evident in the unparalleled retail knowledge we’ve cultivated over the years. From personalised interactions with our members to strategic event curation, we’ve honed our expertise to provide you with a transformative journey into the needs and goals of your customers and to turn your marketing campaigns into real leads for your business.

The Hive approach

At The Retail Hive, our commitment to retail isn’t just a business – it’s a passion. For years, we’ve gone beyond the surface, immersing ourselves in retailers’ needs through exceptional events and experiences. Now, this approach takes a new form: Introducing our unmatched Insights product.

The Retail Hive maintains a level of communication with our members that goes beyond the ordinary. While other media businesses rely on surveys or events, our teams engage in calls with our members on a daily basis, fostering relationships that go way beyond transactional interactions. This level of trust allows us to gain unique insights into the needs and plans of our community. And for the first time, we’re opening up this rich source of information to benefit you.

Key offerings

Demand Forecast

Our demand forecast isn’t just about speculating on market trends. It’s a direct result of the detailed knowledge we possess about retailers’ purchasing plans. Stay steps ahead, seamlessly aligning your solutions with the ever-evolving needs of retailers. Map their plans against your strategy as market drivers and priorities evolve.

Case Study

Every data point has a story. Our unique case studies go beyond insights – they provide a real world narrative, offering context to the macro challenges and opportunities we map in our forecasts.

Trends Report

Our trends report isn’t just numerical data – it’s an insightful journey into the current priorities of retailers. Anticipate and navigate shifts in the market with confidence, ensuring your solutions are not merely timely but consistently ahead of the curve, giving you a strategic advantage.

Recommendations and Strategic Insights

Empower your strategy with personalised guidance. Receive recommendations, strategic insights, customer intent data points and personal introductions tailored to your objectives. We can also offer a 360 of what the market says about your solution. Don’t waste time prospecting to retailers who aren’t ready for your solution: we’ll help build your pipeline with tailored recommendations and introductions.

What do The Retail Hive Insights mean for our partners?

Through our Insights, we’re lifting the lid on hundreds of to-the-point discussions with your prospects about their challenges and how they plan to tackle them. We can help you to peel back the layers of unnecessary activity, honing in right away on the needs and leads which most closely match your solution and leaving you free to focus your time on what really counts: having worthwhile conversations with proceedable leads.

Insights will tool up your team with introductions, the knowledge and the market understanding to move prospects quickly through your sales funnel and to have more meaningful conversations with them across the events and interactions we host.

  • Identify leads with the authority to buy at the right point in their buying cycle 
  • Reduce time spend prospecting and focus on high value targets 
  • Equip your team with unrivaled market insights to support deeper conversations
  • Align your language and messaging with the needs of your customers 
  • Get in the room with proven buyers and benefit from curated introductions