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Primary Research Services

At The Hive, we have a dedicated research team that spend their time speaking with our retail members to understand their most pressing needs, their key challenges and concerns, what projects and priorities they are most focused upon and of course key business investment areas. These conversations can help us capture the opinion, trend, and detail behind some of the biggest changes occurring across our membership and the wider retail landscape. 

Whether you are looking to get a pulse of opinion on specific issues, a comprehensive understanding of how retailers are grading and selecting specific solutions, or capturing and benchmarking changes in their thoughts and views, we can help with your research requirements through a fully engaged, interactive and senior retail audience.

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Our Approach 

Our aim is to work with our partners to create a scope of enquiry that also delivers high value and benefit for our retailers. Many retailers are unsure of which solutions to pick, the risks involved, key trends occurring and how to future proof their business. They rely on robust opinion and are high consumers of highly valuable research papers to support their decisions, and to understand what their peers are also thinking. 

Primary research offers such reassurance, and they are more likely to trust our recommended partners who associate with such opinion and deliver such reassurance through our research papers. 


From basic polls, to in depth interviews or a combination of the two, we create a plan with our partner using pre-defined questions and agreeing a target number of responders. We aggregate the responses, analyse the data and create a co-branded branded report which we share with our wider network. This creates high awareness for your brand with senior members, and high credibility across our network.

The Report

Fully branded and designed, whilst containing key quantitive information and commentary and analysis, we will also include retailer comments and quote these retailers happy to go “on the record” adding further weight to the opinion and findings of the report. We will also provide include opinion from RECOMMENDED SOLUTION PARTNER to add their weight and go “On the record”. This will help associate RECOMMENDED SOLUTION PARTNER as a brand with the most senior players within our space along with our wider network.


  • Independent Primary Research Initiative.
  • Fully Designed / Branded Report Paper.
  • On record comments from retailers.
  • Opportunity for Association to senior retail leaders’ comments / opinions.
  • Comments from Solution Partner – industry opinion and thought leadership.
  • Data of opens and clicks from Report downloads. 
  • Individual Insights from interviews with participants.
  • Supply of all Quantitive Data.

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