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Content Bundles

Do you often find yourself leaving events with promising leads but struggle to connect with all the attendees you didn’t get a chance to speak to? Have you ever shared thought-provoking insights and valuable expertise at events, only to wish you could leverage that content to engage with your wider prospects?

At The Retail Hive, we know how much our members value getting their hands on tools to help them take event learnings back to their teams. That’s why we’ve developed a solution to support them, and to maximise the impact of your event sponsorship, extending your reach and boosting engagement far beyond the event itself.

By adding a Content Bundle to your partnership, you can transform your event participation into a powerful marketing tool. Our tailored content bundles offer a seamless way to leverage your event participation, ensuring that your brand remains front-of-mind long after the event has ended.

Captivating Write-Ups

Expertly crafted summaries of your hosted roundtable discussions, capturing the key insights and takeaways participants have been asking us for.

Engaging Scribe Illustrations

Eye-catching visuals that bring your discussions to life, providing a memorable snapshot of your brand’s thought leadership.

Compelling Video Summaries

Dynamic video summaries featuring your team, offering a concise overview of your event contributions and expertise.

The Hive approach

The Retail Hive will share your branded content with our event attendees within three weeks of the event as part of our follow up dossier, as well as promoting each piece individually through our social channels. 

We’ll provide you with the content bundle within a week of the event, giving you a great opportunity to reconnect with attendees and to use your thought leadership to generate conversations in your wider community.

Don’t let your engagement end when the event does. Contact us today to learn how Content Bundles can help you unlock the full potential of your event sponsorship, turning leads into lasting connections and thought leadership into tangible results.