The FX Europe Steering Committee

We are incredibly proud to announce our European FX Steering Committee! They are inspirational buy side leaders that all have a clear focus of what they want to transform within the industry. They will represent the voice of the buy side to influence the direction, focus and rhythm of our FX community and help drive crucial initiatives foward.

What we want to achieve as a committee:

Address new themes of discussion for the buy side community

Have open and honest discussions to challenge each other

Work together with industry specialists to learn and pick up on new trends

Look into best practice and upcoming trends that have influence on the direction of the industry

Discuss major regulatory changes and shape responses as a group

Increase transparency to make the industry a better and fairer place

Hover over the  icon of each committee member to view the superpowers…

We came together as a group for the first time on 27 January – we are beyond excited to see all the great things this group will accomplish together for our FX community!