Streamlining Execution: Automated Trading on Buy Side Equity Desks

During Summer 2020 The Finance Hive brought together a select group of buy side equity head traders interested in discussing how their firms were embracing automation. Although they differed in the extent to which automation was a feature of their existing workflow and execution, they were united in their appetite to learn, share experiences and brainstorm on expectations as to the next steps.

Joining the discussion were three representatives from Finance Hive recommended partner, Bloomberg – who were on hand to provide market expertise around the data required to analyse and implement more systematic and advanced automation. Bloomberg were also present to share experiences of how they had helped their clients on the automation journey’s that they had embarked on, as well as to listen to collective buy side feedback on how the vendor community could better help them meet their objectives.

This report summarises the conversations, conclusions drawn and the key takeaways from the buy side to take back to their desks.

The group agreed that you need at least 1000-2000 data samples per day to be able to draw meaningful conclusions – and even then, there needs to be an element of randomness to be able to remove the inherent trader bias you will find in your sample.

To read more, download the report to view the full findings.

Thanks to our recommended partner for moderating the discussion:

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