Global Fixed Income TCA Digital Café

Key Takeaways

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After listening to our members’ feedback from conversations earlier this year, we curated this café to cover all the remaining questions some of our members had.

Ross Walter, Head of Fixed Income TCA – Vanguard and Mike Daley, VP Credit Trader – T.Rowe Price shared their FI TCA success stories with the group, before diving into an open, buy side only discussion, where we really got into the nitty gritty of it!

Although the discussion topics varied as our members picked each other’s brains, the main topics included;

-Which vendors have a best in class FI TCA offering and do they have multi-asset application?
-Working within budget limitations
-Ways to leverage different platforms – doing more with less
-Data aggregation/ TCA for government bonds
-Building out a more centralised pre-trade intelligence apparatus
-Metrics and benchmarks used

The insights shared were brilliant, so much so, we collated them into a small report.


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