Outsourced Trading: Equities Report

From foe to friend- Dispelling the Notion that Outsourced Trading is a Threat to the Dealing Desk

Recently, we brought together a diverse group of European and North American Equity traders to discuss how outsourced trading providers can work in collaboration with a dealing desk, and act as an extension to a traders arsenal, not a replacement. The Outsourced Trading Report that was commissioned as a result of this session looks into the growth of outsourced trading in the industry, specifically focused on how providers can work in tandem with the execution desk and collaborate with trading heads.

The report specifically looks at:

  • Dispelling misconceptions of outsourced trading
  • Optimising Execution Quality


There has been a lot of noise around outsourcing post MiFid 2 and the global pandemic. A number of providers have entered the space, but this only seems to have fuelled misunderstanding and confusion around services. There has been very little granular debate about what these providers are actually able to offer and what benefits are derived other than cost reduction.”

Head of European Business, Tourmaline Partners


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