Report: Hedge Funds – Reducing Market Impact to Improve Returns

Over the past decade, there have been fundamental changes in the way FX markets function, with an abundance of new technology, service and liquidity providers emerging. This has meant that even veterans of the FX industry have been questioning how the market is impacted by new ways of trading and how to understand it. Of particular importance, is how best to reduce market footprint and improve returns. To address these developments, The Finance Hive and 360T hosted a digital boardroom for a select group of Heads of Trading from global hedge funds to discuss how they are looking to reduce market footprint and improve their returns.

This report summarises the key lessons and advice shared from the session, focusing on the 3 core areas:

  1. How firms are measuring and understanding market impact and arrival prices
  2. What steps can you take to mitigate and minimising market impact
  3. Beyond Spot- reducing market impact for non-deliverable forwards and swaps

We’ll be continuing the discussion on hedge funds this month. Click below to register your interest for the upcoming session:

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