Report: Data & Automation – How to Utilise FX Data to Enhance Workflow Automation

When the global pandemic moved trading desks from the floor to individual living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms all around the world, the quest for automation quickly moved up the agenda. Using technology to improve order processes, workflows and execution standards while reducing human error is a huge driver for automation and our members are exploring what aspects of their FX workflow lends themselves to automation.

Naturally, buy side leaders are keen to take advantage of this technology, however members have run into some major challenges. Some of the most immediately daunting issues centre around obtaining reliable and quality data and putting the initial building blocks of automation in place.

To assist the buy side community with their automation goals, we partnered with 360T and ran a series of boardrooms in 2021 across EMEA, APAC and the US focused on FX data and automation across the full FX product spectrum. The report collates all of the buy side advice and information provided to give a summary as to where these firms stand and their core areas of focus as we begin 2022.

Overall, the three key themes were of most interest across all our meetings and are covered in the report:

  1. Defining automation and roadblocks to implementation
  2. Where to begin the automation journey
  3. How to utilise and structure your data to aid automation

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