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The Finance Hive’s third Global FX meeting in London was held at one of the City’s most prestigious venues, the Honorable Artillery Company.

Chairing the meeting was senior FX trader at Insight Investments, Rich Turner and we were thrilled to welcome the Bank of England’s Executive Director for Markets, Andrew Hauser.

Before round table discussions began, Rich outlined his view of what the FX market may look like in the future, recognising the force of change particularly given current macro-politics and market structure discussions.

The post-meeting report gives more insight around Rich’s ‘FX utopia’ and provides summaries of the round table discussions featuring the following topics:

1: Peer-to-peer trading
2: Liquidity management strategies
3: FX platform innovation
4: Anonymity and best execution
5: Next generation algos
6: The rise in demand for trade performance analysis
7: Measuring the cost of execution
8: Regulation and the future of execution from a workflow perspective
9: EMFX and Russia
10: Investigating post-trade in the current regulatory environment
11: Macro FX

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