Director Capital Markets Americas, Deutsche Bank Private Bank, on bringing the buy side community together

We sat down with Chris Maxmin, a member of The Finance Hive and Chair of our Boston 2019 meeting, to discuss the importance of bringing the buy side community together, and the value the network brings to him.

Why do you think it’s important for the buy-side to meet face-to-face and talk openly? 

Those who work on the FX side tend to sit on an island. There are very few desks out there where you’re sitting with other FX traders. Rather, you’re on their fixed income or equity desk. In other words, there is not much opportunity to talk to someone else about what difficulties you have run into, how things should be improved, or the frustrations you’ve been having. It leaves you wondering, is it just you or do a lot of other people have the same issues? Getting the chance to be around other individuals who do what you do is very beneficial. You can learn from them, figure out the things they do differently and vice versa.

In your opinion how does The Finance Hive facilitate this? 

As there’s a no press policy, people are encouraged to open up. The fact there is no sell side present shows due diligence. It’s a trusted network now which is proven by the organisations that attend. For example, certain firms are very secretive about how they make decisions, and even they show up. Additionally, many “real money shops” attend. I think The Finance Hive has already established itself as an honest broker, if you will, which lends to the success of the events.

Would you say that the Finance Hive meetings are different than the typical events you go to?

I definitely would say that The Finance Hive meetings are different than typical events I’ve attended. The vendors present are not solely sell side shops but honest vendor-only platforms. At events usually there is too much pitching from the sell side, especially on the equity side of the industry.

Have you forged any connections as a result of being a Finance Hive member?

I have absolutely built connections through The Finance Hive. I now go for drinks and catch up with people in between the meetings. I can ask them honestly how they’d react to a situation that I’m dealing with.

Any other comments?

Obviously there are many reasons I keep coming back. I go to solicit information: you go in thinking “what do you want to hear?” and “what do you want to see?” It’s not just the same tables every time. The fact members keep coming back while also getting new people from legitimate firms is impressive.

For me, it is well worth travelling from outside of Boston to attend.

The Finance Hive has cracked the code with the format too. I’m looking forward to the next meeting.

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