Equities Leaders Series

The Next Generation of Algos

In November 2019, The Finance Hive invited 50 senior and head traders from some of the largest and most recognisable asset managers in the UK for the The Finance Hive Equities: Technology for the Trading Desk.

This report lays out how the buy side are using technology to reduce their market impact, optimise their OMS/EMSs, create frameworks for onboarding and selecting new algos, and using pre-trade analytics and TCA.

Chapter 3: The Next Generation of algos

The third chapter in our series looks at the extent to which brokers are actually building AI and Machine Learning into their product offering, compared to how much of this is just marketing hyperbole.


There has been a lot of discussion recently around using factor based clustering or ‘bucketing’ of orders in order to inform strategy/broker selection.”

Jen Willetts, Equity Trader, Franklin Templeton Investors


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