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Market & Trade Data

We’ve been told there are a host of issues that negatively affect the way buy side traders can do their jobs, but for change to happen they need to collectively lay out their demands to a range of market participants, from banks and regulators to technology providers and buy side firms themselves.

In order to shape this collective narrative, this report –  the fourth chapter in a series – lays out the current state of play on buy side desks, their vision for the future and the practical steps that need to be taken to achieve them.

The report series was compiled with input from 50 head traders from the largest AUM buy side firms globally, at the annual FX Leaders meeting.

Chapter 4: Market & Trade Data

While FX markets claim to be transparent, to what extent is this true? Certainly, access to data in FX is far less available that in equities, but data continues to be at the heart of everything that FX traders do.

Our member firms don’t have time or often the money to build large data sets. Additionally, banks don’t want the buy side to access information that puts them at an advantage. Attendees sought to clarify exactly where they see data benefiting their execution and the next steps in order to achieve a data paradise for their desk.


There is a need for an independent mid in Swaps which will create a single, accurate, universal benchmark and enable the buy side to be able to more effectively compare banks performance.”


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