Is it ever possible to achieve a 360 degree view of your customer? It is BUT there are gaps, namely when customers delve into social media; whilst you may send them into Facebook you don’t know what they’re doing whilst on Facebook.

Here are our takeaways from the Connected Customer report that gives insight on customer visibility in an omnichannel world:

  1. GDPR – are customers who engage showing their consent? Do customers know the impact?
  2. Bring all data sources to one platform to uniquely identify a single customer.
  3. Use return data for cross-sell = new ‘channel’.
  4. Legacy system remains the biggest block to the single customer view of the customer.
  5. Take SCV out of it!
  6. The company structure can hold back visibility of customers by duty ownership of projects and internal competition between stores and online.
  7. No-one has the ideal solution – but marketing need to drive it, not IT.
  8. What problem do you think attribution is going to solve? Is the time invested justified?
  9. It is vital we train our staff about the importance of getting the customer to share their details to create a single customer view.
  10. How can we incentivise the customer to provide their data to create a unique view and link to the online database? Linking online and offline behaviour is our biggest obstacle.