FX in Focus – The Path to Automation Utopia

Commentary and advice from our EMEA members

When the pandemic moved desks from the trading floor to individual living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms globally, the quest for automation quickly moved up the agenda, and these strange times only served to highlight how vital technology has become on the trading desk.

What is abundantly clear from recent meetings in The Finance Hive, is that buy side firms are getting serious about automation, investing heavily to make sure their processes are fully automated, and integrating workflow optimisation solutions within their workflow. From large to small, all buy side firms are at a different stage of their journey, but all are now ensuring they are on the spectrum in order to not get left behind by the competition.

Informed by on-the-record interviews, polls and a roundtable discussion with a group of EMEA FX heads – hosted under Chatham House Rule – this report looks at:

  • The motivation behind automation
  • How FX heads define and use automation now
  • Key barriers and how to overcome them
  • Creating a data foundation
  • Critical controls, rules and customisation capabilities
  • Using automation to improve counterparty selection and performance


Just because you are automating, doesn’t mean you are giving less revenue to your partners. We are talking about automating trades where there is little margin for a trader to add value anyway, so you should be focusing on the larger trades in which you are working and getting more value out of your counterparties.”

Head of Trading, Mondrian Investment Partners


To read more, download the report to view the full findings. Thank you to our recommended partner for moderating the discussion:

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