Data Driven Trading: Fixed Income Report

The Case For A Consolidated Tape

In many of The Finance Hive’s recent roundtable discussions, the case for a consolidated tape (CT) was brought up by Fixed Income buy side heads. To support in answering some of the most pressing questions, we have invited Ediphy, a private analytics and execution services firm that is launching a CT initiative, to share their thoughts on how this would work in the European Fixed Income market. The Data Driven Trading Report shines light on what the buy side is looking for in a consolidated tape provider (CTP) and Ediphy’s response to this.

Ediphy is keen to get feedback and to work together on this initiative with the buy side.

Key discussion topics covered in the report: 

  • Why members are saying they need a CTP now
  • How should a CTP work?
  • What would make a CTP successful in the European Fixed Income Market?


Of course, we see that the MiFID II/MiFIR Refit and Wholesale Markets Review are necessary to remove the existing barriers preventing a CTP from emerging. We do however recognise some other fundamental themes at play. The buy side and other market participants want easy, low cost access to reliable bond market data. In our opinion, transparency should not only be available to those that can afford to pay.”

Chris Murphy, CEO, Ediphy


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