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Lead Generation and Profiling

The Finance Hive build and expand job function – or industry vertical- specific peer networks around a Solution Partner’s target list by:

    • Establishing dialogue with target market through email and social media
    • Profiling of target market individuals
    • Peer recommendations
    • User and client-generated content

All network members are profiled. This provides Solution Partner with qualitative research on prospects across areas such as:

    • Priority projects
    • Priority areas for investment
    • Detail and feedback on incumbent solution providers

This can provide the Solution Provider with valuable insight and a “hook” for a conversation.

If you want to gain valuable information and perspective The Finance Hive is the place to be

Director FX Sales, Cboe

In pipeline attributed to Hive for one of our founding partners

Deliverables include:

  • Up to maximum of 50 completed profile forms
  • Max 50 priority leads
  • Content generated for marketing team to drive campaigns to generate leads and enquiries to be passed into The Hive for profiling and to Solution Partner’s sales team
  • Dissemination of client-generated content through our communication channels (the hive network, social, email, web, media partners)
  • Generate market intelligence to shape and inform the value proposition of SOLUTION PARTNER solution
  • Cleansing and building of prospect database including mapping of key accounts where applicable
  • Engagement and education of market solution

Benefits for Partner:

  • Build relationships and gather insights from leading prospects over the course of the year
  • Build a sales pipeline – qualified lead generation with target prospects – calls/meetings set up
  • Build awareness and demonstrate thought leadership to the wider target market through case studies/white papers whilst also generating leads through the marketing campaign.
  • Understand the buying criteria of target market and be ready to engage as they start the decision-making process around adopting new solutions
  • Be recognised as a thought leader in the market