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One of the core principles of The Finance Hive has always been to create a positive environment for the buy side and recommended partners to be open and to share. We want to ensure they have specific dialogue and tailored discussion as they seek the information and solutions needed personally, and for their businesses.

The format of a Hive Meeting day is tailored exclusively for senior people with the focus upon dialogue and interaction. We believe engagement comes from participation and relevance hence our meetings centre on Round Table discussions on topics requested by our buy side members & hosted by relevant Vendor Partners who moderate the discussion.

We expect to be running face-to-face meetings again by Autumn. The format of these meetings will depend on the global COVID19 situation and guidelines on social distancing and travel.

We have two partnerships available for our face-to-face meetings:

The Finance Hive presents a unique format which really works. It fosters participation and deep conversations about current and relevant causes

Managing Director, Curex Group

Diarised vendor to buy side follow ups

Individual Event

Round Table Hosting

  • Solution Partner will host the round table for 40 minutes at a time on an agreed and relevant topic area.
  • This will be run 4 times across the day with 8-10 different buy side members joining each discussion, bringing you into intimate discussions with pre-profiled buy side, building credibility and profile to enable strong basis for future business discussions.
  • Solution Partner will co-host the discussion with one of your clients or an assigned buy side host, who acts as a “Chief Storyteller” helping to steer discussions – giving excellent thought leadership and positioning Solution Partner as experts in the field.
  • Solution Partner will have a 5-minute plenary to conclude findings at the end of the day to the full membership group with a wrap up of discussion findings – profile raising and powerful leadership role.
  • Solution Partner will have branding on the day to ensure excellent awareness and profile to membership.
  • Solution Partner will have a listing of your senior expert as a co-host on the agenda sent to all attendees and the full membership network.

1 to 1 Meetings

  • Solution Partner will have 3 pre-scheduled meetings with agreed targeted prospects onsite.
  • Solution Partner can provide 2 additional experts to the event (in addition to Think Tank) for networking and discussions throughout the day including informal drinks reception.
  • Solution Partner can provide a list of top prospects and questions – we can work with you to involve specific companies or buy side prospects who are typically extremely hard to get in front of.
  • Solution Partner can submit for inclusion 2 questions for the Hive research team to ask buy side members on their behalf during the profile calls pre-event helping them shape their proposition at the event.
  • Solution Partner inclusion and branding on event write up summary sent to all members in the network. The campaign data will be fed back to Solution Partner.



Solution Partner to become an annual partner to The Finance Hive. The following benefit structure applies for this association:

Partner Introductions

  • Solution Partner will receive a minimum of 10 relevant introductions across a 12-month period in addition to any event meetings and introductions received through participation at Finance Hive events.
  • Solution Partner can supply a bespoke Wishlist of companies / individuals to The Finance Hive to develop & work on as part of the additional Lead Generation of 10 introductions to be made for being an annual partner.


  • Solution Partner can provide 3 content pieces to The Finance Hive across the year. The Finance Hive will post and market these content pieces to their member network and will supply Solution Partner with the campaign data including all opens, clickthrough and download information.
  • Solution Partner will receive all introductions that arise from any interest generated by these content marketing pieces.
  • Solution Partner can have 2 questions to be asked as part of Finance Hive researching of their network for each event that Solution Partner partners & associates with. This will deliver primary information helping Solution Partner shape their messaging & delivery.


  • Solution Partner will be invited to join all Finance Hive Social meetings run throughout the year as a partner to the Hive.

Additional Marketing / Branding

  • Solution Partner can provide invitations to the network for up to 10 Solution Partner customers to join the our senior peer-to-peer Finance Hive network as recommended by you.
  • Solution Partner will have their logo and company profile attached to the Finance Hive website (with hyperlink to your site) and all promotional material for 12 months.