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Welcome to your go-to resource for inspiring stories and practical tools to help you make D&I live and breathe in your organisation.

The Finance Hive is committed to improving diversity and inclusion across all trading floors.

The Diversity and Inclusion Hub is a support network to advise and champion a more inclusive culture across buy side trading. The hub is built and powered by leading trading professionals, passionate about raising awareness and accelerating the pace of change.

We are here to provide support to individuals from all levels and backgrounds on any D&I related issues, as well as provide a platform for both buy side individuals firms to improve the levels of D&I on their trading desks.

Our 2021 Mission:

Collectively, we believe that equal opportunities for all should be a business imperative, and recruiting, nurturing and retaining a truly diverse workforce is not only a social obligation, but it can drive significant business benefits across your trading floor. We are committed to the three statements listed below in 2021

  • To raise awareness with more trading heads on the social and business imperatives of D&I.
  • To become a support network for any individuals for any D&I related issues.
  • To connect business leaders with the right support networks to allow them to reach their D&I goals.

D&I Champions:

Need support? Our members are here to help. If you want a confidential, no-holds-barred discussion, have a question, or want to find out how to support D&I within trading, then contact one of our D&I champions:

Rosanna Bruni

Senior Director, Trading, PSP Investments


Nigell Todd

Head of FX Trading, Fidelity International


Michael Gentry

Head of Counterparty Risk  & Relationship Management, Insight Investment

Associations recommended by our members:

We are Business Disability Forum. We believe the 26 million people in the UK and over 1 billion people worldwide with disabilities and long-term conditions enhance the social and economic health of our societies. We exist to remove barriers in business structures and Government that prevent disabled people from thriving and contributing in this way. Some of the ways we do this is by helping businesses improve how they attract, recruit and retain disabled talent, as well as ensure their products and services are fully accessible for disabled customers and service users. We provide in-depth consulting services, training, with day to day guidance from business partners, senior business partners, legal, policy and advice service.

100 Women in Finance (100WF) is a global network of individuals, corporates, foundations, non-profits, universities, and colleges. Together our near 20,000 registered members are committed to building a more diverse and gender equitable finance industry. We achieve our mission by promoting diversity of thought, raising visibility, and empowering women to find their personal path to success.

100WF connects women at every career stage, from pre-career to senior practitioner, and encourages the development of life-long relationships and the sharing of knowledge, resources, and expertise.

The Forem is a career advancement program with a mission to move 1M women and underrepresented groups into leadership by 2030. By giving employees the tools they need to work smarter, not harder, The Forem ensures employees are maximizing every opportunity to be seen for their impact. Through our Career Advancement Playbook, and by leveraging technology, science-based nudges, live workshops, our expert facilitators, exec coaches, mentors, and our vibrant community, we teach you how to raise your visibility, maximize your opportunities, and open new doors in your career. 

Upcoming Meetings:

Race and Wall St- Essential steps to create a supportive and inclusive culture

11th May 2021

Supporting pride at work

9th June 2021

Increasing visibility- How can you achieve this to make yourself stand out?

6th August 2021

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