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Advice and tips for deploying and utilising Clienteling:

Replicating the store experience online

Advice from members

Tools – who to use and why

Suggested by members during a recent Hive Cafe

We asked a closed group of North American retail leaders which of these strategies most aligns with the drivers in their organisation:

Providing highly personalised clienteling for online customers to make them feel looked after43%
Conversational commerce and chat bots to offer help to online customers a the right time43%
Create immersive experiences so customers can see/feel product (eg video, AR etc.)38%
Robust delivery and returns proposition to mimic the immediacy of trying and testing items19%
Use social levers and add a community element to the online shopping experience24%

Using returns to increase CLV…

Focusing on D2C?

The key takeaways from a recent digital discussion

Looking at the positives from CV-19: