Some interesting comments and thoughts from the traders around the tables…

It’s incredible to hear the broad range of discussions today. Some interesting comments and thoughts from the traders around the tables:

• There’s a clear need from the buy side to ensure fluid, compliant and secure communication channels when communicating with both internal teams and external counterparties.
• The move to working from home, and lack of oversight led to a lapse in ensuring communication channels remained secure, with many traders using social media apps to chat. This is now being addressed through comprehensive, integrated workflow and communication tools.
• There’s a growing desire from the Equities community to begin the interoperability journey and use containerisation tools to help drive internal efficiencies and multi-asset initiatives. Additionally, the Equity desks could be the pioneers in the interoperability space due to their technological advantage.
• It’s important to remember that increased automation and efficiencies within firms shouldn’t be a cause for concern amongst traders – these enhancements should rather be seen as a way to free up traders time for more valuable work, allowing them to up and cross scale trades, and focus on illiquid products.

Almost time for a well deserved drink!