The Launch of our Nordic Community!

Yesterday, we hosted our first digital session for the founding members of our Nordic community! Thank you to Jens Edholm, Gustaf Aspenberg, Kasper Folke, Thomas Bengtsson, Daniel Stauning, Mathilde Nordby Jensen, Fredrik Janson, Marcus Samuelsson, Jonas Malm & Martin Damgaard for your contributions to the launch of this new network. You all gave honest advice on what you’d like to get out of a buy side led community for leaders within the region.

A key element to making this a successful buy side network is the spirit of openness and idea sharing which was exemplified during our kick off meeting this morning. During the meeting, we discussed the defining factors that impact the success of creating a modern multi-asset trading desk.

Here are some takeaways from the discussion:

Key considerations for success:
• Ensure alignment and interconnectivity of core internal trading systems & processes to streamline execution.
• Understanding the nature of individual instruments and how they are traded to best determine execution parameters, and where automated or human trades are most effective.
• Which investment strategies are you carrying?

The benefits:
• Portfolio & trading desk optimisation
• Growth of AUM without the growth of head count
• Improvements in automation capabilities

Other areas to consider:
• Aligning hiring practises to move towards a multi-asset trading desk – what skills are needed from a modern multi-asset trader?
• To help secure internal buy-in, the trading desk should aim to be visible to the rest of the business and quantify how it can become a value-add with a move to a multi-asset model
• Having a multi asset OMS is the foundation for building out the rest of your technology stack

We’re excited to be hosting our next Nordics buy side session on 8 June. You can register your interest by clicking here!