Pricing and Fee Transparency

The roundtables are in full swing today and it’s been incredible to hear so many insightful discussions.

A recurring theme here today is around pricing and fee transparency. The buy side are seeking to increase transparency and execution efficiency, whilst operating in an industry where accurate pricing is becoming less reliable.

Some key challenges the group have discussed include large size trades in times of low liquidity with minimal price transparency, and the differences in pricing in illiquid markets. Reliable pricing platforms are decisive in this matter; monitoring the points of liquidity can be a challenge as some platforms can show stale pricing, which aren’t updating with real frequency.

Another topic our members have been talking about today is primary markets innovation. The group agreed that primary markets remain incredibly high-touch, leaving little time for traders to focus on secondary markets. There’s a great need for standardisation across platforms—for real innovation in the space to happen. This needs to be led by the buy side whilst working together with vendors to drive change and make processes more efficient.

Do you agree?